“IQ Test” Original Oil Painting


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This piece started out as an experiment to make a painting of Spam ads from the internet. I’ve always found them to have a disturbing and annoying combination of imagery that feels so symbolic of the American cultural landscape. They rouse  the  basest consumer wants in a repugnant combination of images, lingering on the fringes of news websites. They promote seemingly everyday products and services, yet somehow want to exploit current socio political messages. Ultimately it feels like something so culturally dirty,  like the equivalent of a seedy porn shop. Its a place your not supposed to go to, but cant help the temptation to enter.

This piece is one of a few I have done to explore this concept. I dont even remember what it was an actual ad for, but seemed to appeal to insecurities of ones Intelligence, so I expanded on that them of knowledge, skill, education, etc.

Painting is 12 x 12 Inch Square Oil on Gallery Depth Canvas (about 1 1/2 inch thick canvas). Requires no framing and comes with hanging hardware installed on back.

All paintings are shipped fully padded in shipping box. All US orders are sent via USPS Priority shipping with full insurance.

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Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in