Original Oil Painting “Industrial Wealth” 12 x 16 Inches, Framed


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“Industrial Wealth” is a painting I completed in 2022, shortly before the outbreak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was a time that was dawning upon me that we may have been creeping towards the final stage of the COVID pandemic. It also signaled to me the end of a world all have known for so long. A globalized economic system that was build upon a century of Fossil Energies, Cheap labor, and Industrialized manufacturing. A free market system that for decades gave the World’s free citizens the illusion that working hard and following the “rules” would lead one to prosperity, financial independence. That is what I felt when I saw the current society in this image, the one built on Industrial Wealth.

Painting is Oil on Canvas , 12 x 16 Inches and comes Framed in solid wood Walnut Brown colored Frame.

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Dimensions 18 × 22 × 4 in