2 thoughts on “Work

  1. Hello….My name is Sandy. I was at the outdoor Huntington Beach street fair last year on PCH and Main Street that they have every Tuesday. I was wondering if you will be there today or next Tuesday, December 13th and December 20th ? I was looking for something different to give my girlfriend this Christmas and came across your business card in my wallet today. I remember that I liked your artwork and believe it would make a great present to give her. I do remember you came down here from the L.A. / Valley area. Hope you will be available in Huntington Beach before Christmas. Thank you sir…

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I actually dont do farmers markets anymore. I havent been in HB in over a year. If you want to get a drawing from me, you can still do so, but I do the ordering online. Check out my other site for more xanples:
      The pricing info is on my etsy shop page:

      I usually ship/mail out these orders or could drop off in person if close enough to me. Let me know if this interests you. Thank you for your message.

      Roger B

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